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Recorders such as the Ki Pro Mini or the HyperDeck Shuttle can easily record the video coming out, but unfortunately they cannot remove the pull down to convert the video back into 24p. Here are a couple quick examples of how to remove the pull down and get good results.

With Compressor you can set up a quick setting that will remove pull down and output a video format that works best for you. Step 2: Drag a default Compressor setting onto the video format. I started with ProRes HQ. In the following steps, we will edit these settings. Step 3: Double-click on the setting that was just dragged in and it should appear in the Inspector window.

Step 4: In the Inspector window click on the Encoder settings, and then open the Video Settings window. In the Video Settings window change the frame rate to Custom and enter Step 5: In the Inspector window, click on the Frame Control setting and then enable frame control by clicking on the star symbol. Under the Deinterlace drop-down, select Reverse Telecine. Tue Jun 13, pm.

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Jean Claude. Thu Apr 04, pm. Return to DaVinci Resolve. Blackmagic Forum. Forum Index Blackmagic Website. Get answers to your questions about color grading, editing and finishing with DaVinci Resolve. Post a reply. Author Message. How do you deinterlace? Wed Nov 18, am Hello, 1st post here Maybe somebody can help. I have about 20 interlaced shots in a 30 min. And I am not the one who is able do do all that GitHub Work, run Compilers and do all that "sudo"-command stuff to get that yadif. Every other editing software even Avid and my old FCP7 has deinterlace effects. Am I missing something?

Do I really have to deinterlace outside Resolve? Re: How do you deinterlace? Wed Dec 02, pm really? So, I found a workaround with fusion. Not very comfortable but it works. Thu Dec 03, am Yadif is really easy to install. Just download and unpack the yadif.

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Thu Dec 03, am I made my deinterlacing go away by going to a blur tab and setting it to aproximetly 53 and also setting to horizontal only for i camcorder video. Thu Dec 03, pm Erik Wittbusch wrote: Yadif is really easy to install. Thu Dec 03, pm Eugene Afanasiev wrote: I made my deinterlacing go away by going to a blur tab and setting it to aproximetly 53 and also setting to horizontal only for i camcorder video. Thu Dec 03, pm I ended up having to do this with a project the other day. My version of FCP Pro Why doesn't this have the same chroma problem as Handbrake?

Most of it is people sitting around in the backyard or opening Christmas presents. Attached Files 0-interlaced-from-DV. What I did not know is that what a digital TV does is doubling framerate anwway. What throws me off about doubling framerate for digital displays is that a PAL interlaced recording, for example, only has horizontal pixels per field!

That's very little, like old MPEG1 had which was x, 25p or 30p, period. In analogue TV, showing the interpolated horizontal lines successively even, odd, even, odd gives the eye the impression of p.

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For some reason may be having grown with analogue TV , that gives me the feeling that it's less "cheating" than showing duplicated pixels twice as fast. When the VHS input is faulty, wiggly, then turning each field into a full frame makes the wiggling very noticeably if you go frame by frame. What I found different and really good about QTGMC is that I think it generates the missing lines not by duplicating them but by very good interpolation, isn't it? I don't know if other deinterlacing methods do the same smoothing edges, etc.

Another thing to take into account is the type of source material. Duplicating frames beyond, say, 30p actually 24p, with repeated frames for film is a no-no in my humble opinion. Watching a movie at 50fps or 60fps horribly looks like home video. I know we're talking interlacing, and this is a different issue, but not so much.

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Christina said somewhere that sometimes double-framerate video with movement, though very smooth, looks somewhat unreal. Telecined film is best inverse telecined back to 24p.

Better TVs can do that. If they're displaying at Hz, they can display every 24p film frame 5 times. That's still jerky like watching movies in a theater but it doesn't have the judder you get by alternating between 2 times and 3 times to get 60 Hz on a 60p display.

Optical flow is a further option on some TVs. So it's not perfect by any means interlace isn't "perfect" in the first place , but it's still the "best" overall for general use situations. OFF is Stream Sync.

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ON is Fixed. Which one? Switch 4 is Locked or Unlocked audio mode. I suppose that Locked means that the device resamples the signal as chosen in switch 3, right?

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What is better? Which one to chose for a NTSC tape? And a very important question about digitizing NTSC tapes. I am in Europe PAL.